Chibi Chidi Y'all ... making an impact

Super Dungeon Explore – I recently found the box of Chibi Dungeon Adventure miniatures from the Impact Kickstarter a while back. When these came in I was super excited to paint them up and make up rules for them to use in games of Super Dungeon Explore but some other shiny thing caught my eye and I boxed them up and lost track of them for a while. (Oddly enough I boxed them in my Super Dungeon box with the tiles ... I keep my minis in a Battlefoam bag and built a 3D board that I use anytime we play.)

I started putting together the larger monsters from the selection I have. The parts are bigger and "easier" to clean up then the little tiny small base models so I figure starting with them will help move the project along. After scrubbing the mold release of the models I sat down to put them together. It was at this point I remembered why they got put in a box. There's a significant amount of bubbles and weird flash on these models. It also seems like the mold lines are odd like it shifted during casting on some of the pieces. It's nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of greenstuff and a sharp blade but it is an extra bit of work.

The scale on these doesn't match up really great with the Super Dungeon stuff, it looks fine on it's own and with the distorted giant chibi heads it's not a huge deal that they look a little different. I really like the models on their own and can't wait to paint them up.