On the painting table ... Tales From the Crypt

Super Dungeon Explore – I've had some time to work on more models from the Von Drak Manor expansion for Super Dungeon Explore. I know I'm late to the party on this one but better late than never right? 

Previously I had filled all the gaps, clean the mold lines and primed the models. 

I broke these models up into groups that will share a color scheme to speed up the painting process. The first batch I decided to do were the Skeletons. To keep with the purple theme of the plastic I painted most to the clothes purple and pink. I think this is a good contrast with the bone color. For the energy swooshes I opted to paint them green. 

The first stage of my painting process on these is done. I blocked in all the colors and applied a basic wash. The next step is to go back in and paint the highlights and smooth out the transitions.