Deadzone ... Model Building

Deadzone – After such a stretch of 40K I need a break on the hobby end of things so I decided to start putting together the contents of my Deadzone Strikeforce bundle. All the little plastic baggies in this remind me of the original Super Dungeon box set. The models go together the same way round peg round hole, weird t-shaped peg weird t-shaped hole; so putting them together is pretty easy if you only open one bag at a time (a lesson I learned from the Super Dungeon Box).

Clean-up on the other hand is a pain. The mold lines and sprue pegs on theses models are pretty nasty, even those most of them come "de-sprued" you're still going to need your side cutters and x-acto blade. I started meticulously cleaning these models and got frustrated enough that I just glued some together. It's probably going to be harder to clean them up post-assembly but at least I was able to see some progress.

Other than the weird placement of some of the mold lines (really the middle of a dude's face is the best spot for this?) the models are pretty nice. The details look a little soft in some of the models but I have a feeling once paint is applied they'll look really nice. I haven't decided if I'm going to go all out with these or treat them more like a board game. The rules and size of the play area seem to lean more in the board game direction so I might just get them to tabletop quality and be done with it.

When it was all said and done I was only missing one arm and had a few broken arms/blades. Which isn't too bad when you consider that the models were just packed in plastic bags thrown loose into a giant box and shipped from China or wherever they were cast and packed.