On the painting table ... down with the sickness

Deadzone – Felling a bit under the weather lately, between the terrible winter weather and the unending rounds of sniffles and colds I was able to squeeze in some painting. To match my current mood I decided to start off my Deadzone series with the Plague. I'm not totally in love with these models but they did seem to be the simplest of the four factions I have to get painted quickly. The studio scheme is a little to pink for my taste so I opted for a sightly more gruesome appearance.

To start I based all the models with GW Foundation Talarian Flesh over a grey primer coat. This simple base gave me a place to start with these and after a wash of Red Ink mixed with Black Ink I could really see the detail. The difference once you have a simple base and wash on these models is pretty dramatic. With the bare restic I was a little concerned that the detail on these was going to be to soft. After getting some paint on them I'm not as concerned.