Super Dungeon Explore – Well it looks like them boys at Soda Pop Miniatures have parted ways with C'MON, which makes me very excited. As a backer of Relic Knights I really feel like C'MON dropped the ball and left Soda Pop hanging in the wind ... Relic Knights when it delivers is going to be a great game. It's nice that SPM is providing good updates and feedback directly on their forums which seems to be easing some of the discomfort backers are feeling. 

That said I'm on the fence about this Forgotten King Reboot of Super Dungeon. I think it's really cool and I want it, but I have a hard time giving a company more money when I still don't have product I bought from them almost two years ago in hand yet. Unless the stretch goals are unbelievable I'm gonna wait until retail for this one. (Oh course I've said that before...)

But looking at this new kickstarter got me thinking about the models I still have left to paint and as such I decided to dig them out and see what I have left to do. and what I've accomplished so far. (Sadly the fact that I have to do that also hints at how often i play this game ... probably another good reason to wait until retail).

Starfire and Rex are just about done. Pretty straightforward paint job I've been watching a ton of anime lately and am trying to mimic the highlighting style you see in cell-shaded video games and cartoons. I think it fits these models really well.

As I continued to dig through my Battlefoam Bag of stuff (not a bad deal, but it's a shame the trays weren't more flexible) I see I still have quite a bit if work to do to call these done. Also glancing at the bookshelf I see that Von Drak is mocking me as well...