On the painting table ... Deathwing

Warhammer 40,000 – In the ever growing horde of Dark Angel marines I've been asked to paint I have another addition of Deathwing Knights and the various HQ options in terminator armor. These are a slightly better than tabletop paint job so the goal is to paint them quickly and efficiently.

To start I prime everything with a dark gray primer. From there I assembly line each color of paint beginning with the bone basecoat and then applying a brass basecoat to the bits that will be gold. Next I go through and paint the red base coat and the gunmetal basecoat before applying a wash over the entire model. This process lets me get most of the models almost complete in a night's worth of painting. 

The next night I went in and picked out the individual details, eyes, symbols etc. After that I do the edge highlights and paint the base. For the few models that need them I apply decals and them spray seal them.

If you put your mind to it it's pretty simple to get a large number of models to tabletop quality in a short time period.