Off the Painting Table ... The Eyes Have It

Super Dungeon Explore – It's been another crazy month for me so I'm not getting things off my table as quickly as I'd like to. My current tabletop quality Super Dungeon Commission is chugging along smooth and steady. After practicing on paper for a while I've been able to get pretty decent Anime Eyes on the models that I've wrapped up so far. 

There's really not much to the technique I've been using to get this effect. I paint the eye color first filling in as much of the white as I need to and then come back in with black for the pupil. If this was a higher grade commission I'd then go in with a second highlight to put that twinkle in the eye. However that is a more tedious process that goes beyond the typical tabletop quality.

I think I prefer painting the evil characters more than most of the heroes as they seem to have a bit more detail that is easy to pick out. It probably helps that I went with a purple tone on the skin as well.