Drinking the Kool-Aid ... $eventh Edition

Warhammer 40,000 – Just to be clear my stance on the purpose of $eventh Edition 40K has not changed, this is by far the most blatent money grab by GW in years. 

That said I did splurge and spend the $3 to pick up this week's White Dwarf to read about the pending edition. The GW marketing machine did a good job in this issue of selling me on the changes. The freedom the new list types grants is pretty amazing. I can use whatever models I want in my list with minor drawbacks. This is cool and frees up space to do some really interesting forces that can be justified with whatever backstory I want. It also frees up some creative space to build models I'd never consider purchasing before because I couldn't use them with my existing army. If I want to scratch build some Mechanicum machine I can do that and with the breadth of books out there I can find rules that will fit it and be able to field it in an unbound list. Count-As players have been doing this for years but have been limited to using a specific codex to represent the entire force to legally play with their creations.

Want to play the first company in a 1000 point game, have at it. Want to spam nothing but bolter marines you can. Want to build a Genestealer Cult, have at it. This is a really cool aspect of the $eventh Edition changes to the FOC. 

The flip side is yes you will have D-bag players that will pick and choose the most broken units from every codex to build their super friends force. This sucks for events that you don't have a choice but to play them but in the social setting that I prefer to play in you can house rule whatever you want. Let people experiment but if something becomes unfun just speak up and don't play against it.

From the brief bullet points noted in this issue it sounds like they are addressing some of the odd rules quirks and tweaking some things to make them run smoother. I haven't used a psyker since 5th editon but the new phase seems like it might make me consider adding a librarian to my force. (Hell if I go unbound I can run my Iron Hands all dreadnought list with a Blood Angels Librarian Dread, could be fun)

This weekend the book comes out, I'm seriously considering sucking it up and picking it up at release. My gaming group did have a fair well to sixth game over the weekend and I posted the results up in the Battle Report Section.