Forced Change ... Game Room Update

Random – Following up on the water heater story the broke (Har-HAR) early this week I've been forced to make some immediate adjustments to my workspace/game room.

When we moved in the Inspector told us not to worry about water in the basement as it was waterproofed and showed not signs of any previous water damage. (Notably the neon green circa 1973 tile was well stuck in place) With this in mind when I redid the basement in 2010 I didn't worry to much about where the drains were as they would never need use right?

In hindsight that was a dumbass move and I'm luckily I didn't have any major damage to the electronics or other stuff I have down there. 

To prevent this from happening again in the future I bought a nifty tray that is supposed to drain the water from a failed tank into the sump-pump and moved everything around.

The new layout seems to work better in the space and I'll have to look at doing some cosmetic changes but functionally I now have the ability to accomdate various sized groups without having to move much around.

With the exception of the extension cords everything is in it's "permanent" place. One of my buddies has offered to help to run an electrical line so the entertainment unit can have power directly behind it.