On the painting table ... Ship Shape

Relic Knights – This month has been a real bear to get anything done. Real life has been kicking my ass lately so my hobby/second job has been taking a back seat for a bit.

It seems like things are starting to smooth out so I've been able to get back into the swing of the Star Nebula Commission. At this point I've got most of the base colors down and have the preliminary washes in place to help bring out the details on these minis. Unlike the Noh faction these are a bunch of human size models many of which are very unique. Which means my assembly line process has a few more steps. 

Now that the bulk of the models are blocked in I can separate them into groups that share colors to do the next two stages of my painting process. First is to clean up the details and add the midtones, followed by final highlights and washes.

I'm eager to get these wrapped up as I have a Doctrine Job, an Imperial Guard job as well as a large Chaos job in the que (not to mention my own projects) so I'm a busy little painter.