Infinite Possibilities ... Disney/Marvel Toys and Game

Disney/Marvel INFinity – For Christmas Santa brought the family a new game, this is one of those games that has little plastic toys that you have to buy for each character you want in the game, it also has blind purchase upgrade packs that have new missions, upgrades and more. Essentially someone figure out how to mash-up a video game, collectible game and toy line into one sweet little package. Even if the game wasn't fun the figures are really nice sculpts made out of chunky vinyl, and cost about the same as a premium action figure; so worth it on their own if you're into that type of toy. That pretty much covered everything I new about the game prior to picking it up.

Santa got a really good deal on Black Friday and picked up the base game for Xbox 360 for $30. This had three figures, the portal and game. I grabbed a few extra figures  and called it a day. Not knowing it it was any good or if the kids would be into it beyond the deluge of commercials they had seen I didn't want to invest to heavily in the game.

As it turns out the game is AMAZING, it plays like a Saturday morning cartoon/mini comic story. The version we have came with the Avengers play set which has you fighting frost giants in New York City. My 15 year old daughter started playing New Year's Eve (mind you she typically hates the 360) and hasn't stopped since. I joined in paying a few of the missions and can see why. The game is really fun and you focus on completing missions to upgrade you character and unlocking more stuff to do. Each clear play set piece unlocks a new story to play through which initially only allows certain characters. However during the play through you can collect medals for other characters to unlock them in the game. My daughter graciously ground through to find all the Rocket Raccoon medals so I could play him in the Avengers set.

Every figure has a unique move set and upgrades which completely change the game. Flying through the city as Thor is pretty sweet, even though we haven't quite figured out steering so he falls on his ass a lot. Captain America has some sweet moves but acts more like a healer as many if his upgrades focus on reviving characters faster after they get knocked out. So there is a definite drive to get more of the figures beyond just getting your favorites.

Both my boys a little to young to play the game but they both enjoy watching it played. They also really like to play with the figures. Being chunky vinyl there's not much they can do to hurt them and the chip is well protected under a clear plastic base. 

So that all sounds pretty fun right. Well there's more. You also have a toy box mode that allows you to build your own world as well as download ones other people have already made if you register. We haven't done much with this yet as Xbox Live was down so registering wasn't happening but once we do I'm sure we'll be having a blast with that feature as well.