Happy New Year - What's on tap for 2015?

Year-End Wrap Up – Time flies when you're having fun. It's hard to believe another year is in the books. 2014 saw the delivery of several big kickstarters which have left me flooded with stuff to paint (Relic Knights, Deadzone, Bug Hunt Corridors, Dreadball Extreme, Zombicide). There are also quite a few that have been delayed (Kingdom Death, Forgotten King, Reaper Bones II) which I'm actually a little glad for since finding time to get this stuff done has been a challenge this year.

I've had great success with my commission clients who have kept me very busy this year, and I'd like to take a moment to thank them for their support and I look forward to the coming year and the additional work they keep sending my way. Over the course of 2014 I've painted for clients: (2) Imperial Guard Armies, (3) Space Marine Armies, (6) Malifaux Crews Plus additional models, (3) Sets of Super Dungeon Explore minis, (5) Relic Knights Cadres, (1.5) Wild West Exodus gangs, (4) terrain sets and several random small projects. 

With so much time focused on my commissions I've failed to complete most of my resolutions for 2104. My Space Marines, while progressing along still are not completed, most of my personal projects are sitting in various states of semi-complete to just started. All-in-all I seem to have magpied my way around a ton of projects without actually finishing any of my own stuff.

So that said my primary goal for 2015 is to finish a project (of my own) before moving on to a new one. I think if I can stick to this goal I'll actually see more on my own projects get completed. Here are some of the projects I have planned for myself in the coming year:

  • Bug Hunt Corridors – I have the roofs and corridors and want to use them for games, however it seems like it will be easier to paint before I assemble rather than glue them together then attempt to paint everything. I've already started painting up the sections I have multiples of and will most likely make this my first project of the new year.
  • Relic Knights – My goal is to paint and assemble the crews I have and start playing this game more. I really like the mechanics and have painted several crews for clients and really want to get my own done and on the table.
  • Twilight Raven Space Marine Chapter – I will get this done at some point. 40K has made it's way back to regular rotation in my gaming group so perhaps that will be the motivation to get this massive undertaking done.
  • Super Dungeon Explore - Another game that doesn't see the table enough in my group. I've painted several sets of this and really need to get my own painted up soon.
  • Near Future City - This is in a playable state, not as pretty as I'd like but it functions, if I can get it detailed out and completed before the end of 2015 I'd be a happy camper.
  • 3'x3' Library Board - Man, I have so many of these half completed terrain projects; if I can get to it in 2015 I want to bring this project to completion. It's playable right now just want it to be prettier.
  • Deadzone – Another one I got started with and never followed through. My group doesn't seem super geeked to try this out so it might get back burnered for other projects.
  • Dreadball Extreme – Arrived in time to be put under my tree, I opened the box read through the rules and put it back in the box. It looks promising but I don't know that I can get my group to embrace this game.
  • MERCS – This is one of those games that I really like but have a hard time convincing people to play. For a little while it was pretty popular with my gaming group, however it sounds like another edition is on its way so I hope it doesn't fall off my radar like some other games. I need to wrap up a few factions for this game that I already own, not sure I'll be investing in anything new but it's a fun game worth putting on the table occasionally. I think this game would play really well in the Bug Hunt Corridors once I get them finished.
  • Game Table – I'd like to build a new 4'x6' game table this year with a permanent sculpted base. I'm board with the one I have and feel like my carpentry skills have improved since I built it back in 2005.

My goal will be to completely wrap up each of these projects before moving on to the next one. We'll see how that works out as I have a notoriously short attention span when another idea catches my fancy...

Happy New Year! What goals do you have this year?