Crossing My T's and Turning Corners ... more bug hunt

Terrain Making – Slow and steady is a reasonable pace or at least that's what I keep telling myself. I've been doing pretty good sticking with this project for most of the month so far and am really happy with my progress so far. 

I just wrapped up a few of the t-intersections and corner sections, these were a little trickier to assemble than the other components I've built so far, mostly because the corner sections require a bit of patience to line up flush, it's also tricky to get the support struts in the center part of the corner. I think this is because I've applied paint before assembly and the parts don't have any wiggle room (honestly you could put some of it together without glue and have no problems). 

I painted these using the same technique as I did with the straight sections. Dark Gray base coat, Light Gray details, Gunmetal Metallic followed by the red and yellow piping on the conduit sections. Once that is dry I applied a wash of Minwax Water based Onyx Stain thinned down 50/50 with water over each piece. I followed up the wash with a light dry brush of the Light Gray to bring out the details and add some weathering. 

After painting the hazard stripes it was a simple matter of gluing the whole thing together. The straight sections are the bread and butter of this set but these pieces make it really interesting. I'm considering trying to add one of the interior wall sections to the end of one of these if it will fit easily. It could add another layer of complexity in fighting within the terrain. Of course I think I need to play on this a few times before modifying any of the sections (or ordering more).