Still Gluing ... Bug Hunt Corridors WIP

Terrain Making – I've finally wrapped up gluing all the roof sections, crates and loader for this project. These are the items I decided made more sense to assemble prior to painting. The kits go together really easily and it's so nice having all the parts cut out and packaged in neat little baggies. I didn't have any missing or broken parts which is quite the feat considering how many tiny pieces there are in each section. 

Once you put one or two of them together the parts make perfect sense and you can quickly put them together. It is important to pay attention to the numbering system on the instruction sheet. If you make up your own order it is very hard to get some parts to fit. Namely on the t-intersections and 4-way intersections, it's important to put the cross-sections together in order so you can flex the parts gently to get them to fit snug.

Now that these parts are assembled I'll go back to the actual corridors and continue the slow process of painting them up prior to assembling them.