My, my that's a big gun ... More Outlaws

Wild West Exodus – Four more models for the Outlaw crew I've been working on for a client. I guess these are twin sisters that are characters for the game. Unfortunately it hasn't caught my interest enough to pick up and read the background (or play) but the models are really nice. (I'm tempted to get these two for myself to do some conversion work). Also included are two robot dogs also really nice minis that I'm tempted to pick up for conversion work. 

All of these are resin minis which means quite a bit more clean-up is needed compared to the plastic models I've put together previously for this game. Not only is there a bunch of flash but they also needed to be washed twice to get all the mold release off and have the glue stick properly. The mold lines weren't to terrible it was more and issue of the really thin flash that happens with resin casting. Not a big deal if you used to that type of material.

After they were assembled I primed them with a red oxide primer (my go to color for western themed models). I followed the same general color pallet as I've used with the rest of the Outlaws. Lots of browns and creams, with metallic highlights. The dogs were a basic metallic finish with a few washes to make them look greasy.