Can't take the sky from me ... Wayward Eight Wrapped Up

Wild West Exodus – I finally got the Wayward Eight and other characters wrapped up to go with my recent Outlaw faction commission. These models were super easy to assemble and the amount of flash wash minimal. There is a ton of little details on each model so it can be a little overwhelming to paint. I'm not sure exactly what the function of some of the straps, buckles and other doo-dads on these are I guess just like the put a skull on it motto of GW; Outlaw minis just wants to put a strap on it. (Wow that sounds pretty dirty...)

Anyway the overall scheme of these is brown. Really, there's like six different browns I used to try and get all the details to pop. My first go with these I felt that they were a bit muddy from arms length so I went back in and made some adjustments. Now I feel like they read better at arms length and really give that dusty cowboy look from old westerns. 

I couldn't resist doing some blue dresses to make Summer and the Companion stand out from the rest of the crew. I feel like they fit in with the rest just fine but also stand out. Again even with the dresses there are a ton of random straps and buckles that I can't see a purpose for but they do help break up and model and give some interest areas.

I'm happy with how these turned out and look forward to the next batch of figure my client has to send over.

I'll shoot these in front of some terrain and post up in the gallery under Wild West Exodus. Hoping to be able to get them under the light rig before the weekend to get these shots done and uploaded.