Butchered ... Kingdom Death Session Two

Kingdom Death – When last we left our survivors they just killed a Screaming Antelope and limped back to the settlement legless, armless and bleeding profusely.

Names were given to two more members of the settlement and we narrowly escaped the plague by innovating ammonia to cure the sickness. With the haul of resources we got from our epic battle with the antelope we craft more bone weapons and some additional armor.

Geared up and ready for more the survivors set off to hunt another White Lion. A series of fortunate events lead to our heroes being followed by a Trollbird that distracted the lion just long enough for us to get the ambush off. Better armed and having the benefit of surprise we were able to quickly kill off the Lion. 

The return the settlement triggered the Butcher event which proved to be tragic. The way we're reading the story events is that they happen immediately, so the survivors didn't get a chance to age before being attacked by the Butcher. This makes sense to me as I read it as happening during the return trip.

The character I was using unfortunately was chosen as the priority target. I have started growing attached so I opted not to sacrifice myself. (Turns out that was a bad plan) The butcher is just plain nasty, two ai cards per activation means he tears things up our Bone weapons shattered against his armor and he knocked us about like rag dolls.

A few lucky strikes quickly brought him down, the bone axes the didn't break did manage to roll a few crits which did two wounds per hit to this beast. My character bled out distracting the Butcher just long enough for the rest of the party to swing an axe into his back. Rather then dishing out resources our roll resulted in him disappearing in a flash out light.

The settlement phase resulted in us finding a mysterious stranger, discovering fire and exiling the survivor who discovered it because of the horrific burns she suffered. We opted for graves for our dead and redistributed my gear.

Disheartened and nearly defeated we opted to record our resources upon our return and pack up for the next session.

To lighten the mood we busted out King of Tokyo and played six games before calling it a night. Overall the group is loving Kingdom Death, it's no joke that the game is tough and its painful to lose characters to random events but if you were lucky you should have a decent pool of people in the settlement to replace your disfigured or dead characters.