Book Review - Damnation of Pythos

Horus Heresy – Ok I'm behind on reading the Horus Heresy books. Really I'm not behind, Black Library is just slow to publish them in a format I'm willing to buy and read. I refused to buy special editions and oversized paperbacks because they don't match the rest of my books. I also don't like to pay more then $11 for a book I'm going to read once. (Honestly there's only about 5 books in the series worth reading more than once in my opinion, not that the rest aren't good it's just that one time through is enough)

Damnation of Pythos follows a single-minded force of Iron Hands, who have a few Raven Guard and Salamanders that they saved from Istavan along for the ride. The sotry involves them tracking an Emperor's Children Fleet that they ambush after being exposed to a warp anomaly.

Trying to avoid spoilers here but if you've ever read any Warhammer books ever you know exactly what happens next. DUN DUH DUN. Chaos erupts and the heros unwittingly release an unspeakable evil on the galaxy. Aside from a few twists here an there it follows the formula to a tee. Even the amount of Flesh is Weak spewed forth by the Iron Hands commader make him feel like a charachature. 

That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the book it was still 1,000 times better than Fear to Tread

The twist with who the colonists are was unexpected and I thought this was going to be a Slaaneshi Cult through most of the book. It was surprising to find out they were Davinites and the Daemon they freed was an Undivided Daemon.