First Game Ever

Warhammer 40,000 – So I went up to RIW for Thursday Night 40K, I thought I had a game scheduled but my opponent had to bail for a Holiday party. No worries there's always someone around to pick up a game with. Luckily I met a really nice guy with a Blood Angels force that was looking for a game. He only had 1500 points with him and I had packed a very specific 2000 point pinion force so I have to delete 500 points off the bat. 

As we were setting up the board he mentioned that this would be his first 40K game ever. He had been painting for a some time and watched youtube videos to learn the game, but hadn't actually played. I looked at what I had brought and let him know if might be a trial by fire as I only had the models on hand to run the fairly tough Talon Strike Force.

First turn he takes a few pot shots and moves some models. Not much to target as most of my force is in reserve. I come in and tear up a squad with my Vanguard Vets. The Shadow Strike Kill Team is quickly becoming my favorite. Turn 1 Assaults are amazing.

We go back and forth a bit while he manoeuvres his Death Company and Sanguinary Guard back into the fight. Once they get a charge off things start evening out. The game comes down to objectives which he controls more of and wins his first game. ;)

It was cool to see it dawn on him that he won based on the mission and the amount of models he lost had no bearing on the game. 

After he asked for some advice and anything I thought he couild have done better, which was cool you don't always get a after battle discussion.