Ravens/Salamanders Vs. Knights/Guard/Chaos

Warhammer 40,000 – I hate Bel'ekor, just want to get that out of the way. It's by far the most obnoxious dataslate to come out of the Advent Calendars. My regular group decided to put together a little ongoing campaign with two groups of marines facing off against Chaos teamed with the Tyrant's Legion/Imperial Knights/Astra Militarum.

Ground rules are if it's legal you cna play it. All forces have to be battle-forged. We also had to put the stipulation in that army lists had to be made in advance. (Unfortunately we've had the of your playing that well then this is my list in the past. Not a fan of the bad feelings that causes.)

Our second game was going to be 2,000 points per player facing off in a team battle using the Altar of War Mission book. We wound up getting a late start because ... well we have kids and it's almost Christmas (also rather than playing at my place we drove over to our buddies who always has a further drive)

I ran a Pinnion Strike Force partnered with a typical Salamanders CAD force. No Super Heavies or Lords of War. We faced off against Bel'ekor, a Baneblade, Three Knights, and a horde of barrage templates with cultist filler and guard infantry with demo charges.

Chaos won the roll off to use their altar of war chart. We rolled up Vendetta, which is a kill-point mission with one unit being worth 3 points to the opposition if it dies, 3 points if you keep it alive. We won the roll-off and picked a rhino. (Nothing wrong with easy points)

Turn one was rough, particularly since one of our players hasn't really played 40K since 5th edition. Being bombed to death and losing some key transports was painful. The Raven Guard came in from reserve for the most part and the important Salamanders also dropped in. We were able to destroy a Knight as well as the Vendetta Rhino and the squad it was transporting. A few other units died all in all it was a messy first turn.

Turn two was more of the same, death raining from above and losing more units at this point I believe they have about 13 kill points at the end of this turn. Looking at the time it's after midnight and we need to call the game. Finishing our assaults we get up to 12 kill points.

Most likely if the game continued the (10) Thunderhammer Terminators would have finished off another Knight which was in the middle of a hug mass of cultists and guardsmen. Odds are that would have took us to 15 points. But we didn't have time so this was another loss for the Imperial players.