I Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

Terrain Building – Sorting through the sections of Bug Hunt Corridors I have left to paint and build, I can across some nifty components that I forgot were included in the pledge.

First up were some nifty acrylic counters to indicate if doors are locked or open, these are pretty cool and I'm sure I'll use them once we start laying some games on this terrain set. They fit right over the tabs that are used to slide the doors open and closed so very useful counters.

Next is the really cool bonus bit: The Ganeway Load Lifter. This wonder of engineering is used to move around the hex crates that were also included in the pledge. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be available for general sale which means this was a Kickstarter Exclusive. Really a shame because I'd love to pick up a few more of them since the model turned out so cool.

When I first dumped out the tiny little baggy of parts I thought it was going to be a giant pain to assemble. In actuality it took me less then five minutes to glue the hole thing together. Really impressive and full of character. I haven't decided how I want to paint it up yet so I'll put it in the pile with the load of crates to be taken care of at a later date.