To the side ... More Bug Hunt

Terrain Making – Now I can have joining rooms. The next sections I worked on are the two-side corridor rooms these sections allow to have a room on both sides of the section. If I had the narrow side rooms this would be perfect to set up a row of holding cells as it if it works pretty good to add some additional interest areas and potential ambush sites.

Painting on these is that same as the rest of the project. The tricky part was gluing in the railings as they only attach at one point and have quite a bit of material that single point needs to support. With a little patience they glued in place just fine.

Now that I have a good chunk of these sections assembled I started playing around with how they'd work on a 4'x6' table. My first idea is to set them up as a research station on a desert planet. It fills the space well enough even though I don't have all me sections completed; my only issue right now is I don't have 4-way intersections or enough corner/t-sections. I'll need them in order to connect the various hallways into a working base. I'm hoping to be able to get a game on it soon and will post a report after.