Kickstarter - Box of Happiness and Joy

Super Dungeon Explore – My forgotten King Expansion arrived recently and I'm super excited to try out the revised version of the game. The box that arrived was quite heavy and was jam packed with not only the base game but also a Boo Booty themed box which contained all the extra backer bonuses from the campaign. It sounds like the add-ons will be shipping at a later date which is ok with me, getting part of a kickstarter within the time frame projected during the campaign is way better than having to suffer through months (or years) of delays while everything is completed. (Looking at you Kingdom Death)

Mantic and Sodapop seem to have learned from previous campaigns where things were massively delayed because of the success of the campaign and have focused on getting the core product done and in the hand of backers even if it might increase their bottom line costs by doing multiple shipments. I applaud this as it helps migtigate any bad blood because of production delays.

I'll post up a full review once I finish going through the boxes.