Orange ya glad I said Space Marine?

Warhammer 40,000 – Oh yes I know that's a terrible title. (Let's just pretend I'm a hipster and it's meant to be ironic, alright?) This little 40K revival has been good for business as of late. My newest client has a Space Marine Bike Army that he needs painted to a three color+ paint job as well as some conversion work. From the list he sent over it looks to be a fairly large force so I'll be up to my ears in Marines for a while. 

As with all my new clients for an army scale job I suggest starting with a single unit. This allows me to work out the paint scheme and be sure we're both on the same page. It's much easier to make tweaks early in the process than it is to have to tweak half an army. 

Originally we had discussed doing a traditional white and red White Scars scheme, I was dreading painting that amount of white. Thankfully he decided on doing a more original orange and red scheme. The first batch he dropped off for me to paint consisted of 5 bikers and an attack bike. Looking at the models it's easier to see my client's more of a player than a hobbyist. It would drive me nuts to have square bases on my bikes but then I'm a little obsessive about things so to each their own. 

I blocked in a foundation orange paint and then picked out the metallic parts with gun-metal and did all the red edging. With this blocked in I did a quick wash over the whole thing and sent it off to my client for approval.

Not to sound like a broken record but, this stage of a painting job is really important. Getting the test models right will allow me to use the same processes on the rest of the army without having to worry about whether or not my client likes it  as they've already seen and approved the scheme.