On the painting table ... Welcome to the (War)Machine

Warmachine – It's been quite some time since I touched a Warmahine model. I did used to play prior to MKII but didn't have interest in updating to the new system and moved on to other games. I'm still not playing the game but it does have a solid following among my clients so it was inevitable that I'd be painting them again.

My new client provided me with a Khador Battle group, box of Widow Makers and box of Winter Guard. The plastic models were pretty easy to put together although cleaning the mold lines was hard with this material it reminds me of the stuff Soda Pop uses which isn't my favorite material. I did have to boil and straighten every weapon as they had a pretty significant curve to them (Sorcha's was the worst by far).

It amazes me that the Widowmakers are the same sculpt I painted back in 2003 but the unit leader is still one of my favorite models ever.

Once I got them all glued together I primed everything grey and started blocking in the basic colors. My client wants them to match the box so red, gold and black are the primary colors with browns and grays for the trooper uniforms. 

Once the color blocks dried I gave everything a quick wash to dirty it up and pull out some details. I probably make more work for myself doing it this way but I like how it brings out the details and fills in anything I might have missed. 

The details start after the wash is dried. I go in and do the first highlight for each color and clean up any slop from the first two steps.