On the painting table ... Green Marines

Warhammer 40,000 – I have two separate Salamanders clients, both of whom need new models for their forces. One of these armies was a commission I did a while back. The other is a match job to try and make the "new" models fit in with the rest of his force that was painted by someone else with a very different style than mine.

Of course both armies used paint that has been discontinued for some time so I have to mix up something to match or come close.

For the first set I just have some random models he picked up second hand. They're not in the best condition but my client got a good deal an just needs them to match enough to look like they fit in his force. A basic terminator squad and set of three attack bikes is all he has right now. (Although he was grumbling about needing to buy some Forgeworld models to keep up with the Jones's so I imagine you'll see more of this soon.)


The next set consists of a bunch of random Terminator models some of which are from the original Space Hulk game, it should be interesting to match these to the more modern versions he has in his force. (This batch has a bunch of other models that I haven't even looked at yet much of which appears to be resin from Forgeworld.)

I have these separated on two trays that I'm alternating blocking in the colors as I attempt to get a decent color match. Of course both of these jobs are 3-color+ jobs so time is of the essence.