In the darkest night ... City Scenics from TT Combat

Terrain – So I've been bit by the Batman bug (I hope it didn't have rabies.) The idea of a dirty dark city appeals to me (maybe that's why I live in Metro-Detroit) so when I started painting some models for a client for the Batman Miniatures game I started doing some research and found some pretty nice MDF terrain. I know, I know groan sigh more crap that needs to be air-brushed to show any detail right? In fact sir that would be where you're wrong.

The abandoned apartment and warehouse I picked up have tons of detail and seem like they're going to look amazing once I have a free moment to assemble them. They are a little pricey and the shipping is a bit much but when I placed my order I had it in a few days. Which is pretty slick for international shipping.

I think now if the time to pick up anything you need from the UK with the pound weak you save a decent amount now, but at some point it's going to catch up with manufacturers and we'll probably see a price increase across the board on English goods in the future.(Speculation of course).

Anyway, I did get some work done on the apartment, I decided to paint this on the sprue using some sponging techniques. I really like the effect I got and this is enough that from a distance it looks really good. I'll of course go back in and detail this out and clean up the edges but for now it works just fine.

I think I might try some air brushing techniques to finish this up. But that all depends on how comfortable I get with using my brush and getting the paint mix right. I may practice on the Near-Future city stuff to make it look grimy before I do anything to the MDF stuff I had to pay for. I also have some toy cars that I'm painting to match up with the models, it always bothers me to see off-the-shelf toys on the table because it detracts from the look of everything else.