On the painting table ... To Infinity and Beyond

Infinity – I believe this is the first batch of models I've ever touched for Infinity. The game has always been on the fringe of what I've been interested in but never really grabbed me. I don't know much about the system other than it's reactive and based in a anime universe. Anytime I see nice terrain for it I get jealous and want to build something near future that's not gothic. I started to build a complete city for my Judge Dredd Project but never quite finished it off.

Regardless I'm going off on a tangent, I'm working on a Imperial Service pack with one extra model. Assembly was surprisingly smooth for metal metal models and there was hardly any flash to remove. My client supplied some lasercut mdf bases which look really cool.

I based these in a foundation yellow with a drybrush and wash to pick out the armor details. Then I went in with a dark gray for the cloth and bodysuit portions. The bags, straps and holsters were picked put in Caliban Green with a light drybrsh and wash.