The Dark Knight ... wrapping up more Batman Miniatures Game

Batman: The Miniature Game – Moving right along I just finished up a Dark Knight Trilogy Batman model, this is a pretty cool model, of course when a model is primarily black it's tricky to make it stand out (one of the reasons for the Blue/Grey Batman Costume). In the films and "Real Life" all black makes perfect sense when you want to see what the character is doing or to see the details other colors make a bit more sense. I think I might stick with the black and gray scheme of the Bat-Fleck version.

The trick I used for this one was to use a not quite black gray color and applied two coats of black wash. This gave me a good base color that I then went in to do edge highlights to make the details of the Bat-Armour stand out. Overall I'm happy with the look I was able to achieve with this model.

Also in this batch are the elite clowns. These are more unique looking models than the basic clowns which have the orange pants like they just came out of the Asylum. The first one with the hammer looks like a biker. I tried to make him look a bit like the Captain Spalding from Devils Rejects. The other clown feels like a weird new age clown I kept this one in the same color scheme as the box art. For the faces I painted them just like I would a normal face and then painted in the white. I tried to keep it splotchy looking like the make-up in Dark Knight Returns. I guess when you become "Elite" you graduate to make-up instead of a mask.

The background for these shots are the TT Combat Buildings I'm been working on for my own Slum layout. Very helpful to make the shots look more interesting than a white background.