More reading ... Deathstroke and more

Book Reviews – I've been tearing through anything DC related my library network has available. Most recently I tore through all four volumes of the Deathstroke books and I thought they were pretty good. It was weird seeing Rob Liefield art again (with feet in some of the panels). I get why he's the baddest assassin in the DC universe and will probably need to pick up the model for the Batman game just because of that fact.

I also finished of the Red Hood series vol.1-7. These were fun and I like how varied the stories were from street level to intergalactic war it hit almost every genre of comic stereotypes.

Also in this latest batch were a few Batman books. Rules of Engagement was a nice one-shot showing Bruce facing off against Lex Luthor. This was a great story with art by Wilice Portico an artist I really liked when he was working on the X-books.

Batman: Dark Knight Vol. 3 Mad was an amazing book, this really brought the Mad Hatter to life for me in a very grim way, this is not a simple goof ball villain but rather a vicious kidnapper looking to recreate a perfect day from his childhood.  The iron scene is particularly brutal.

Next up is Batman Contagion which is an older story about a plague in Gotham. It's a pretty thick book so it might take me a bit longer to wrap up.