Suicide Squad What a Novel Idea.

Book Review – So as you may have noticed from the book shelf in the margin, I've been reading a ton of DC graphic novels. This started as a means to integrate myself in the universe for the Batman Miniatures game and to fill in the numerous blanks I have about the characters in that universe. I always was more of a Marvel guy, however the Marvel game doesn't appeal to me as much as the dark a gritty Batman game does. (maybe that's why I didn't mind the new DCU movies as much, dark and gritty is kind of my thing, hence why I play 40K)

Anyway my local library network has a plethora of graphic novels available. So after my initial run on Batman books, I picked up Green Arrow: Kill Machine, the complete run of Suicide Squad New 52, and Red Hood and the Outlaws.

I'm not a fan of Green Arrow in the book I read. He seems very much like the Punisher with a bow, including a fat hacker guy driving around in a delivery truck. The art was interesting and the story was ok, it just felt off, maybe because I don't know the character that well (and haven't had time to watch the TV show) but this book wasn't the best. 

The first few volumes of Suicide Squad I read were pretty good. The team is interesting and having my first look at them in the the movie this summer was a good introduction to the characters. They're a bit different in the books than the film but the general idea is still there. I still can't get over some of the costumes in the comics but the story is strong enough to overlook that (Like OMAC WTF). There are some portions of the later story that don't make sense as they're referencing something about the Crime Syndicate (which I thought was the evil Justice League) so I might need to track down the rest of the giant crossover event to find out what was really going on during this arc. 

Red Hood and the Outlaws is an amazing book, really fun cosmic events as well as street level stories hit most of the things I like about comics. It feels a bit like a Guardians of the Galaxy inspired piece but has enough unique elements to keep me reading all the volumes. I still have a few left to read so I'm hoping it keeps up. Although looking at the recent books at the comic book store Jason Todd seems to be teamed up with Bizarro for some reason ... anyway I'll get there once they release them in trades (and my library picks them up).

I have a pile of other books that just came in on reserve so I'll be wrapping up the nex three volumes of Suicide Squad, Red Hood and reading a bit of Deathstroke, I'm curious to see what the inspiration for Deadpool is like outside of the few animated shows and video games I've seen him in.