The South Shall Rise Again ... Heavy Gear

Heavy Gear – These have been waiting for a base set for a little while. I wrapped up the first part of this box set a few months ago, however my client had special round bases that he want to use on the smaller models that come with hex bases. After waiting for some time he gave up on getting more of the Shadows of Brimstone bases and gave me some Wyrd 30mm round lip bases to put the Southern Half of his starter on.

To get the Slate blue color I followed a recipe similar to what I did for the space wolves, starting with a slate grat base and applying Darkenfield wash to shade it.

I seem to be painting more blue that I used to and I sure miss Asuraman Blue wash, the Drakenfield works great when you want a really dark cold blue color but the old color was more vibrant and gave a really nice effect when applied over an ice blue color. Anyway that's neither here nor there and I just need to look harder for a better replacement on those other projects. 

As with the Northern models I did before these are tricky to assemble as there isn't a guide in the box so looking at a single pose shot from the front is all I had to go on to get these built. I think they turned out pretty good and once they havd paint on them the models look great.

I don't know that I'll ever get into the game but I don't mind painting these little mechs.