Salamanders - Rounding out the force part one

Warhammer 40,000 – One of my Salamander clients (yeah I know it's weird that there are several) recently dropped off a large crate of models he wants painted up to match his exisitng force. Yes, it was a literal crate (of the milk variety but a crate nonetheless) full of boxes of models, tubs of salvage models and bags of resin models. 

This is the same client that had me paint up every variation of Terminator from the first boardgame on to the most recent Forgeworld models. He tends to win lots of auctions or come across some great deals on models which are sometimes not in the best condition. Since he's getting the models for cheap he wants to keep the pricing down while looking similar enough to his other models when they're on the tabletop.

I figured out the solution to this issue with the first batch of models I did for him. To get this unique green color I started with a Caliban Green Base. I then do an overbrush with a custom paint I mixed up that looks similar to scorpion green and is very thin. The overbrush is then followed up with a heavy wash of Biel-tan Green.

Once that's dry I move on to paint the gunmetal parts, followed up with painting the brass and then for the black I use a really dark grey. Those portions then also get a heavy wash of Nuln Oil. 

I then go back with the overbrush green and do some edge highlights/clean up and slop from the other colors. A few dots of yellow for the eyes and some dragon head decals and these are wrapped up ready to go.

This fist batch has some razor-backs, dreadnoughts and scouts as well as a full command squad. He seems to be filling out any formations that he may not have the models for at the moment. With the gladius formation continuing to gain popularity I've been painting more transports this year than any previous.