On the painting table ... Khorney Daemons

Warhammer 40,000 – I'm trying to crank through as many of the "when you have time" commissions I have sitting around so I can have a clean plate to start the New Year. Some of my clients already have huge armies and want to add new formations, got stupid good deals on stuff to salvage or just want to start new armies. These clients also tend to not be in a rush to get things back and are just looking for the best price. When I get rush jobs in they move to the front because the client is paying a premium to have their stuff done within a deadline. (Usually for an event).

Now that I've cleared most of my "HOT" projects I have a few armies that need to be painted up. Most of these are 40K forces that are 3-color+ my economy level that's popular with clients that play army scale games or just have a bunch of stuff that they are tired of putting on the table as grey plastic.

Khorne has always been my least favorite of the chaos gods. I know when I bought the orginal lead berserker I thought they were the coolest but I was around 13 and there wasn't a ton of choice (the single emperor's children model had that weird hand and didn't call out to me at the time). I think the mindless charging forward into combat is really one dimensional. That said it seems that Khorne is by far the most popular of the Chaos gods based on the amount of models that have come out for them in recent years.

I just so happen to have several of those recent models on my painting table. A unit of Bloodletters, Blood Crushers and a Blood Thirster will fill out the small force my client wants to add to his existing chaos army.