Is it a cult or more of a club?

Warhammer 40,000 – Finally had a minute to start work on my genestealer cult. Not really much progress per say but getting them assembled is my primary goal at the moment. I want to have a solid 1000 points built that will be my core so I can learn to play them  before I invest in more models.

The list I'm working on is:
(1) Magnus
(1) Partriarch
(30) Genestealers
(20) 4th Gen
(2) Chimeras
(1) Leman Russ
(1) Scout Sentinel 

I cast my own bases to match up with the Bug Hunt Corridor terrain I have, this generic decking makes them stand out and calls back to their interstellar origins. I haven't decided if I'm going to bling up the bases with alien ooze, skulls and what not yet or just keep it simple with a gunmetal grate.

I want to play a few games with them before I start painting. Since this force is going to really be more of a single build list for me I want to be sure I'm happy with how it plays before I put time in on getting them painted. It will also give me a bit more time to determine a color scheme for the force. The purple and blue are a given because I'm a traditionalist in that sense but the uniforms have me stumped. I'm leaning toward yellow or orange due to the industrial nature but I'm not quite sure.