On the painting table ... Bat Family

Batman: The Miniatures Game – I finally picked up the rule book for this and my Suicide Squad starter box arrived so I'm trying to get models to at least a basic minimum paint job before I put it on the table. It's not the most efficient way to paint but for getting things on the table it's quick to block in the colors and put down a wash. Then I can go back and birng them up to a higher level at a later date.

For the Batman crew I currently have Batman (Ben Affleck), Batgirl and Robin (Tim Drake) I think I need to pick up some cops to bring it to the 350 point level that seems to be the standard for this game. (which is the first difference I noticed between the hardback and this printing)

For the blacks I use a really dark color called pavement, and do two coats of black wash to bring it to a shaded dark black. I'm opting to do batgirl in black and gold with a purple interior on her cape. Robin is the traditional green, yellow and red. 

 So far I'm happy with the results, of course I plan to do significantly more highlighting and shading to really make these models shine as this game system is far from rank and file guys that get put on the table and picked right back up again. Which means I feel the need to do all of my models for the game to top quailty which will take a little more time.