Out of the Fire ... Grey Knight wrapped up

Warhammer 40,000 – I just finished up another batch of Grey Knights to go along with the force I previously painted for the same client. The interesting thing about thes models is they were literally saved from a fire. Once of the local stores I visit semi-regularly had a fire that caused some major damage, as a result he was able to pick up some pretty badly damaged product that he needed me to salvage.

The majority of the materials were from the big Grey Knight box, with a Nemesis, Terminators and several standard infantry. The fire warped all the halabards beyond recognition but I was able to piece together the Nemesis, there was some significant warping and constricting of the plastic but I did manage to make it good enough. (This is really just his back up for larger games so it won't see much table time)

The rest of the models are armed with the swords because they didn't warp to badly. Once I got everything together it was a quick 3-color paint job and wash to wrap them up. More photos are available in the gallery.

Also in this batch were several of the worst resin models I've ever seen. I'm not sure where they came from but he had several Jockero, some henchmen and Inquisitors that I painted to match the rest of the force.