Event Report - RIW 1500

Warhammer 40,000 – Over the weekend, I played in a 1500 point raffle event at RIW Hobbies. The events they run typically have a few restrictions on the force you can run. For this event it was single faction, and you had to include a CAD, which was apparently confusing to people because several players had to make on the spot changes to their lists to fit the requirements. The most confusing thing I think is the fact that the allies matrix lists Forces of the Imperium as one entry, and has the Factions listed separately. (one day maybe some one will run a straight up by the book 40k event, but I won't hold my breath)

Round 1 – I was paired off against and Eldar list that had a bunch of Jet Bikes, Grav Tanks, Warp Spiders and a Wraith Knight. This was my first time facing Eldar in this edition so I wasn't sure what to expect. Some bad scatters on my drop pods left me wide open to being massacred. At the end of the game I only had two drop pods left on the table. There was something special if you got into close combat with a chart and challenged but that never came up in this game so it was pretty much just Purge the Alien. Loss 14-2

Round 2 – This time around I faced off against Tyranids. I think my opponent was new to this list as he borrowed it from a friend. We set up for Emperor's Will and I got first turn. The special rules for this one had a chart for anytime you rolled dice if you got doubles you check the chart an typically add more successes to the total. With my drop pods I was able to hold him to his table edge for most of the game. I was surprised at the shear number of armor saves I made this game as the marines held their own and managed to squeek out a win. Win 8-2

Round 3 - I really strongly dislike Relic as a mission. Having a bunny jumping around pooping out more relics at the end of each players turn did little to make me enjoy the mission any more. I played against Astra Tempetus this round and it was by far the closest game I played during the day. The back and forth was slightly nerve wracking but made for a really good game. On the final turn neither of us was holding any relics because there were only 5 infantry on the table. Win 2-1.

 Not a terrible record for a ten man event, and with the fact that it's a raffle winning is more about your pride than anything else. I did win best painted single model and walked away with another Firestorm Redoubt.