Dead Tau ... Book Review

Warhammer 40,000 – Ok so that's probably not the most accurate title for this review, but it's kinda catchy right. As part of my Damocles binge I recently finished the Space Marine Battles: Damocles and for the most part really enjoyed the book. It's a bit different from other books in the series as it is an anthology rather than a single story.

Using several stories set in the Damocles Gulf you get the story from several different sides which helps to paint the bigger picture of what the Tau are doing with this incusion into Imperial Space. I've never been a big fan of the Tau but this book and the Kayoun supplement have peaked my interest not really to collect the army (I'm beyond the magpie syndrome with GW do to not wanting to live in poverty) but more so to seek out an opponent to play though the campaign.

I don't want to go to in depth on the individual stories as a review shouldn't spoil the book, but you do get the full gamut from the White Scars/Raven Guard campaign, an Ultramarines squad campaign against a Water Caste, Imperial Guard Traitors that work for the Tau and more.