Book Review - Judge Dredd Case Files #16

Book Review – Just wrapped up Judge Dredd Complete Case Files #16, slowly I'm making my was through the complete series. Judge Dredd was never readily available when I was a kid so I didn't know a whole lot about him other than it was the same style as the other British sci-fi I liked (40K, Necromunda). When the miniatures game came out I decided to track down the complete collections and read them from the beginning.

The other day National Geographic channel was running a marathon of Generation X which brought back so many memories of my childhood and the crazy stuff that made my generation. I'm sure at this point you're asking WTF does this have to do with this book. Well ... not much really other than the fact that reading through Judge Dredd you get a feel what was going on in pop culture as a weekly comic tends to touch on current events in an interesting satirical way.

The book itself was a good read, all color with really interesting art. I tend to enjoy the painted Dredd stories more that the traditional pen and ink just because the style feels so foreign to me. I think my favorite story was a space adventure where Dredd has to fight against crooked judges. "The Devil You Know" also was a stand out story which made me think of our current elections and likely hood of one of the choices creating our own cursed earth ...