Movie Review - Suicide Squad

Random – It's been awhile since I did a movie review. Not because I haven't seen any movies lately but more so because I've been so swamped with commission work that I haven't had to do filler articles to keep up traffic on the blog. However with the terrible reviews Suicide Squad is getting I felt the need to voice my opinion. It's easiest if I break it down into bullets.

1. It's an entertaining movie. I went in with incredibly low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. It was a decent action comedy with some solid potential. All the characters are pretty well cast and the actors do a great job with what they have to work with.

2. It's not Deadpool. Unfortunately Ryan Renolds set the bar for what kind of movie this should have been. Suicide Squad would have benefited from an "R" rating and about 50% more dialog. There's way to much grim looks and nonverbal communication for a comic book movie. 

3. Harley Quinn hits the mark. Her performance is really good and I look forward to them spinning off the character. The chemistry between Harley and Deadshot is interesting. I'm glad they made here more than just eye-candy in this movie. 

4. It's set in the DC Expanded Universe. Unfortunately it's in the same dark and brooding universe as the rest of the films. Which makes the general tone a downer, they tried the music score like Guardians and even had the whole odd-ball thing going for them and still it felt depressing. The whole dramatic climax felt like a joke and the villian never really felt like a threat. Lots of standing in one place and dancing until the end when this super powerful being suddenly decides to put out swords and fight the team. It just feels like generic hero sequence tacked on to the end the weird dramatic music, the slow motion it was just bad. And not in the ironic funny way.

So in summary this is an ok movie that had the potential to be amazing, the cast was great the writers and directors just couldn't get it there, which is unfortunately a them that keeps repeating itself in all of the DC universe movies. Their animated films are great, but the live action movie assemble a dream team and then give them a deflated ball and oblong hoop to play with.