On the painting table ... Something Fishy

Wrath of Kings – I have to admit I never played this game nor had much interest in it. Working on this box for a client might just have changed my mind. The job consists of a Hadross Starter, Unit Upgrade Box and a Twilight Knight, the client was looking for a basic 3 color job with a wash. Being the first set of Wrath of King figures I've painted I'm going to go a little further and add some water effects to really bring out the blue of the water.

To keep this simple I chose a blue green color pallet with each unit type getting a specific base color and dry brush, I then painted the armor elements metallic gunmetal and washed each model with a blue-green wash this helped to bring all the colors together and keep a cohesive feel while each "species" has it's own look. It's a simple way to quickly paint a bunch of models for an army and keep them all looking like they crawled out of the same pool.