On the painting table ... Black Legion


Warhammer 40,000 – It's a good sign that the new CSM books are good when I start getting new clients requesting new Chaos Marine forces. It's one thing when I'm updating existing clients existing armies (ie putting paint on stuff they've had for ages) but totally new forces are something special, considering how long they've been lamented as a "bad book"I'm excited to start seeing more varied CSM forces on the table.


This is a pretty simple 3C job with minor edge highlighting. Being the models are going to be so dark that edge highlight is going to be needed to bring out the details. 

The core force I have to start with consists of a terminator lord, (3) Combi-melts Terminators and (20) berserkers. Since the chaos terminator kit only comes with (1) combi-melta I dug around my bitz to convert two additional meltas for the squad. I think they turned out great and will blend in on the table very well.

For the berserkers he had a mixture of basic CSM and Khorne Beserker sprues. By mixing and matching the parts I was able to put together a pretty bloodthirsty looking band of madmen. 

For painting I used a really dark gray color as a base, gunmetal for the chrome and a aged copper for the trim. After a quick wash I went back in and did the edge highlights, bone and red areas.