On the painting table ... Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl – I've never actually played Blood Bowl, the game never really appealed to me so I can't really speak to how the new box compares to the old ruleset other than the miniatures are really nice, easy to put together and on round bases all wins in my opinion.

My client wants this set painted to a basic 3C with a wash more or less just to make it look good on the table as it sounds like he'll use this more as a self contained board game. In addition to the two teams I'm painting the balls, measuring device and other components.

Human team was based with Maccragge Blue and a Drakenfield wash. For the cloth I painted it Celestial Gray with a nuln oil wash and the metal bits the same gunmetal color I use for most of the metals I do.

The Orks are based with a pavement color base coat, Mephistion Red and Warrgh Flesh, with the metals picked out using the same gunmetal color. 

For the other bits I based them aged copper with a bright gold highlight.