Salamanders - Rounding out the force Part 3

Warhammer 40,000 – Thunderfire Cannons are really good. I own a few myself and rarely do I regret bringing them (unless of course it's against an army of assassins). Seeing they in any Space Marine gun line list has become almost a staple. For 100 points you get several firing options all of which are good especially when facing a horde army.

It's not a surprise then that my Salamanders client has included nine of these in his crate of stuff to round out his force. They work well in a formation or even to take multiples in heavy support choice in a CAD, I guess nine is just about the right number. Of course it seems like overkill to me, but to each their own, right?

Having put together 16+ of these now I can assure you, these models suck to put together. Just like the basic Techmarine the joins seem to be just off enough to cause headaches so bust out your hobby drill. The collection of them he sent over included the model in metal, finecast and some type of other resin. The material didn't matter they all have the same issues. Patience and insta-set are your friends if you chose to accept this mission.