Kingdom Death - Second Batch

Kingdom Death – The next batch of models my client has ready to get painted consists of the four unarmoured survivors, two intamacy survivors, Screaming Antelope and King's Man. 

Painting on these is very similar to the prologue survivors I did before. Basic flesh tones with white robes. I'm using the same fluorescent yellow technique on the lanterns which I feel give a really nice OSL effect.

The Antelope is a gory nasty beast that looks like mostly exposed muscle and the massive gut mouth. After painting I applied a hefty amount of Blood for the Blood God Technical paint to complete the terrifying effect.

I had to pause on these while I got over a nasty bug (coughing and detail work don't mix well), but I'm eager to get back at them to finish out the details. Now that I'm feeling better it was right back to work on these.

For the lantern effect I'm working with fluorescent paints which really help to bring out that glow effect I'm trying to achieve. The most difficult part is figuring out where the light would naturally fall given the arm positions of the models I was provided with. By shining a light aligned with the lantern was able to determine the natural highlights to apply the yellow glow.