Melee Monsters - More Black Legion

Warhammer 40,000 – It amazes me that I'm working on two separate but very similar Black Legion Armies. There has been a long stretch where a Chaos force would rarely grace my table and now I have 3-4 in the works. Eight edition 40K has really brought he game back to a fun time with some really interesting tactical decisions. 

In the past editions you'd never see dedicated melee units because they'd get shot to pieces before they could close with the enemy. Not so anymore. With pin point deep strike, warptime and some strategems ou can almost aways guarantee your beatsticks see combat. 

The latest addition to the Black Legion is a melee focused Hellbrute and a Raptor Lord with Lightening Claws. 

Both of these are great models to paint. The actual Hellbrute kit is some much better than the static Dark Vengeance version, with lots of cool, details like and exposed spine random eyes and mouths and some nasty close combat options. 

The Finecast Raptor Lord was a nightmare to trim and assemble. This is a model that should have stayed metal of been converted to plastic. Parts of the trophy rack were not cast and there were a ton of random vents on detail parts that were hard to remove. Which is a shame because the pose is amazing.