Paperbag Warriors

I've designed a back patch for our gaming club. Pretty simple and a bit cooler then a simple t-shirt. The patch consists of a top rocker, the paperbag reaper, and a bottom rocker to denote the members home store. This idea was of course inspired by the Sons of Anarchy television show. I have to say its one of my favorite shows and I'm patiently waiting for the new season and the release of season 2 on DVD. 

I've also been remodeling the game room and converting some 4x4 tables over to the new 3x3 format. I've also scaled down my 4x8 table to a more reasonable 4x6. That way we still have a standard size Warhammer 40K table that will hold the smaller Malifaux table tops. In the event that we start playing Warmachine/Hordes in the future the smaller table will work just fine, in fact it will speed up the game quite a bit. 

Once things are in a more finished state I'll post photos of the remodeled game room and new tables. 

Thanks to the D6G for plugging my site on their Twitter feed, I hope whoever won the terrain set at Temple Con enjoys it.