It takes a city ...

Malifaux – I just finished up a third set of young nephilim for a client. They match the other sets keeping with the different hair colors to tell them apart. Oddly enough one of the models had a miscast arm and was missing the other one. Rather than try to get a replacement I just went through my bitz box to find something that would work. The vampire counts ghoul arms actually look better on this model then the arms that come with it. The baby hands make me think of that dumb Burger King commercial.

In other news I've almost completed the victorian board.

The cobblestones are painted and the manhole covers are just about done. I began construction on the buildings this week. I noticed observing people play on my other boards that nobody ever goes into a building. So for the victorian city I'm not doing interiors, instead I'll add lots of balconies, fire escapes and flat roof areas. If someone wants to go inside maybe I'll keep building interiors with the board. I began by cutting 9"x9" MDF boards for the city blocks. The buildings are based on 3" equals one floor that way it's easy to calculate damage (when my Belles lure someone off the roof). I'm also constructing the windows from card stock rather then cutting them out. I think that will speed up the construction process and make these more durable structures.