On the painting table ...

Helldorado – Helldorado has become the "palette cleanser" game for most of my gaming groups. The system is quick and clean so you can play a few games have some fun and move on. I don't find it to be a game I want to play all the time but I do really like the models and setting. The mechanics tend to be a bit more defense orientated than my American sensibilities prefer, which is something several members of my group have agreed with. 

That said I've been trying to get my Demon force painted up with a solid 200 point list that I enjoy. I wasn't really digging the leader that came with the starter box so when Samael came out I picked him up. I think I need to get a Succubus as well but don't have one yet.

I really don't like how the parts attach to the tabs with these models. The two parts of his sword are so close to the tab that it's difficult to trim them away without bending something. Other than that minor gripe (which covers almost any model in the range) there is very little clean-up necessary. I mounted him to one of my Hell Bases and primed him with duplicolor dark grey primer. I really like this primer as it's not to dark nor to light and I can get good coverage with most colors. 

For his skin I base coated him with GW foundation flesh and base coated his robe with the light grey from the same range. A quick flesh wash and black wash provided my initial shading and I began to work up the colors to their final highlights.